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10 April 2006 

alright here we go

So I'm here in texas and bored out of my mind ... so I figured I would do this whole Blog thing. So far from what it seems is that alot of people use this blog thing to post some pretty useless information ... so here I go ...

Ever woken up realizing that you just relized that you have put yourself in a position that kind of belittles yourself ... dont get me wrong, the whole patriotic thing, going to iraq so that a soldier can come home to his family is the greatest thing that I have ever done ... but all this other bullshit that comes with it really sucks ... not to mention the government owns me for 3 years and change. BTW, if I get a sunburn ... they can give me an article 15 (take money, punish me) for destruction of gov't property ..... yeah .... back for more later ... peace out