24 September 2006 

Setting in for the grind ...

Well it was nice to see the family one last time ... Not much to do around here so it was kinda boring ... Just more of a lets just hang out weekend ... So I got one more week to recover ... I should be busy ... gotta get the passport started, take a placement test, movers are coming, pack, clean, and get the head right ... recovery is going very well and food is starting to go down a little easier ;) ... anyway just thought id say hi ...

18 September 2006 

sorry for the absence ...

well my tonsillectomy went ok ... i guess ... its been a couple days and it still hurts to talk ... i did however get two weeks of leave :) so i am not complaining too much ... the pain isnt all that bad ... just very uncomfortable ... lots of icy pops!!! anywho ... i need to get back to bed ... i didnt sleep well last night ...

11 September 2006 

09 September 2006 

randoms ...

sometimes when the sun shines
its as dark as night
and sometimes when the clouds are dark
rays continue to shine my way


i'm licked up so tight
so tight it hurts
i'm looking for the key
or any reason in sight


a smile when i walk in the door
a sigh of relief when i hold her tight
a giggle from a corny joke
a look ... a look that says everything


in my dreams i see it all
the life i want
the world i need
when it all wears off
and the beep fills my head
i shed a tear
and await for the following night


a heart to give
a world to make
a place of happiness
is all i have of me ...

07 September 2006 

amazing how things turn out sometimes ...

sooo we had SRP today ... and so I get to the medical section and they start asking some questions and up pops the trouble I have been having with my tonsils ... let me tell you I got a scare ... she starts talking about non deployable this and non deployable that ... and sends me straight to the ENT ... well ... let me tell you I got seen and I have my surgery date set and I will be non deployable ... but for only two weeks so i'll be able to deploy ... pretty crazy ...

ps - even though I'm still on profile ... I am starting to do pt and let me tell you ... HURTING!!!

06 September 2006 

not much going on ...

I have completed all my computer tests and recieved my memo so that i can get finger printed for my security clearence ... other than that we have SRP and color casing ceramony this week and then hopefully they will start giving us half days so that we can start wrapping up loose ends ...

ps - I am going to start up another blog for my family and friends ... if you are interested i will post the link on this blog ... i only ask that you comment on this blog so that no one could follow you here ... none of my friends or family read this blog and i would kinda like to keep it that way ...

pss - my mom is a sneaky person and would stay up all night reading everyones blogs and peoples blogs that posted on your blogs, etc ... i dont need her finding this blog