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06 January 2008 


It feels sooooo good to be home!!!! Sorry for not posting a little earlier but I needed some chill days with the family ... as soon as I catch back up with the 21st century I will be back in full blogger mode ...

I wanted to thank everyone who emailed me and sent me well wishes ... it really means a lot to get emails from people who are supporting you and it really helped me get through one of (if not the) toughest years of my life ... I really cant thank you enough!!!!!!

again, thank you everyone out there for keeping me going and I will be back in full blogger mode soon!!!!!

Happy Belated New Years!!!!

Welcome home, Soldier!!

We at least got two out of there that mad fucker didn't kill!

Welcome, welcome!!!!! I couldn't be more happy than to see you home. Enjoy!

Welcome home!!!
Glad to see you made it safe.

A big "Thank You" to the Deity tonite for prayers answered.

glad you are home safe and sound!!! happy new year to you!

Welcome back, sorry about being late. Glad that you are okay man. Happy Christmas, Hannakah, New Years, Kwanza, Thanksgiving, and everyother holiday. Stay good man

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