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08 February 2007 

things ...

I just wanted to say that its crazy the things that you can used to when you have too ... while over here you "live" in certain moments ... you just go through your day hoping for the next one to hurry up and get here ... but you there are moments when you have to just zone out and be "normal" again ... those moments for me are when i get packages in the mail ... emails from friends ... letters you get from people you dont even know ... those are the moments when you just remember where you came from and where you are about to go ... i just wanted to thank everyone for giving me those moments ... a simple blog post ... an email just to say hi ... a package of goodies ... i thank you for giving me a chance to just sit down and be normal again ... it means more then you can imagine ... thank you!

it means more then you can imagine
You mean more to us than you can imagine, my friend!! Please accept my apologies for living in such an inept country, that we can't get you out of that country!

Ditto my friend TUA above. You deserve it and we are happy to do it. It sucks that we can't do more and bring you home. We won't stop trying though.

I'm here from TUA's blog, where I was reading some of your comments regarding the current situation in Iraq. Your words are hauntingly eloquent and they should be published far and wide for the whole world to see.

I am so sorry that we have not been able to bring this nightmare to an end. However, many of us are working diligently toward this goal.

Please be safe...

i'm also over from tua's - with another moment for you. your latest email he posted up just broke my heart into a million pieces. do know that we are here - trying our damndest to get you all home. geez. anything i think of to say to you just sounds trite and dumb in my head, compared to your reality. i'm so sorry!!!

my thoughts will be with you from here on out. i wish there were something more i could do! do you need anything?

Good blog, I shall return.

Although I support (my country) Canada's missions throughout the world...I may or may not support every other country's missions but I do support the troops and I know what they go through.

I would first like to say that I admire you very much. I have a problem of us being over there. I support You though. I wish you well. I hope that you make it back safe and sound. You have a great blog here. I really enjoy hearing stories from an actual soldier rather than a politician. Stay safe, and stay strong.

I am linking you on my blog. Welcome to the Rouge Gallery

i would like to thank everyone for their comments. i am sorry that i have not been able to post on here until now. you words and thoughts are more then you can imagine. thank you! i will be back soon!

Even though I am currently not blogging on my main site (but I am on some group blogs) I will link you so that I can come here and get to know you. My husband served as well. God bless you.

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