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21 January 2007 

one day ...

One day ... one day I'll wake up ... wake up and be able to live again ... live and do what I want ... make my dreams a reality ... hope and pray that I dont feel like I am crazy for being one of the only ones that think rationally ... I just want to wake up and not feel like this anymore ... I want to walk with that step ... like there is nothing that could stop me and I know it ... like the weight was lifted ... I want to hold my life in my hand and be able to mold it the way I want ... because I know I can ... I'm tired ... physically and mentally ... I'm tired of some guy just controlling his army and government like a kid just doing what he will ... for crying out loud he cant even put more then two sentances together without the help of a team ... I'm tired of the drones who cant think or do without being told ... I'm tired of hearing, "just do it, I know it doesnt make sense, but some guy that is golfing in kuwait said we have to do this" ... I'm tired of not being able to sleep ... but one day ... one day I will awake ...fully rested ... rested and ready ... one day ...

'S funny. I sent the same letter to LBJ.:) Didn't help...(: Then I wrote my Congressman about what a dumbshit LBJ was. THAT made me famous in a hurry!..(:

This isn't really you living this nightmare. It's a robot created by Evil Forces, that appears to be you. YOU....live in that little, protected space you made before Robotics, Inc. got their hands on you. Guard that space. Never let any robot in. This Evil Too, Shall Pass.

Sleep is just a waste of time, anyway. If you needed sleep, it would have been issued to you in boot camp!..(: Hang tough my friend. You CAN do this!

1. Thou Shalt Not Bitch.
2. Thou Shalt Not Criticize.
3. Thou Shalt Not Ever Question.
4. #1 Is Gospel.
5. #2 Is Also Gospel.
6. #3 Is Even More Gospel.
7. If #1 is unclear, see #4.
8. If #2 is unclear, see #5.
9. If #3 is unclear, your ass is grass!
10. I Am The Lord Thy Lawnmower!!!

Hang on. I am mailing a box for you today. Hopefully there is something in there that can get your mind off all that crap. Listen to TUA. You can do it! Big hug.

honey- you aren't the only one who feels this way. while some of us are not in harm's way each day- we feel like you do. safety in numbers and know that many of your fellow americans are awaking from their comas. hang tough!!!!

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