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15 December 2006 

well well

so far qatar is boring ... but i'm taking full advantage of sleeping in and doing nothing ALL day ... its a much needed break though ... well email address was wanted ... randall.barletta@iraq.centcom.mil ... for anyone that would like to keep in touch ... i am going to look into hadji net when i get back to my FOB ... hopefully i will then be able to update this whenever i want again (and post my rants and raves ... ) ... but all in all so far so good ... i'm looking forward to christmas ... it wont be the same (obvisouly) .. but its the last day our detachment will have off together ... we are just gonna sit around open a couple presents and laugh ... its just gonna make next christmas that much better!!! but i am going to head back to the couch and watch whatever movie is playing ... but like i said hopefully when i get back i will have internet so that i can read and share some stories and pictures ...

Hiya again!
Sorry to hear the nightlife is so boring. I rather suspected that, unless of course, you have those four stars on your shoulder.

THANKS for the email!! How about a post as to what we can/can't send you, re dirty pics (Gasp!!), video's, MP3's, etc.? I don't want to get you in trouble for corrupting the locals!:P That's Bush's job. As for my end, I have cable modem, so I can send/receive most anything within reason.

Hang low, and hang in there. It can, and will, only get better.

So you have to get your own internet connection even if your wireless? Hmmm. Well I am really glad you are posting again.
Have you heard from your family?

well yes we have to get our own internet ... there is no wireless internet allowed in theater ... they say the bad guys are trying to link up and find out what we are doing ... but its $70 bucks a month and i heard its kinda slow ... so i will try it out and see if its worth it ... i have heard from my family ... sometimes my mom will wake up early enough and we will send a couple emails back and forth if i'm not running around doing a hundred things ... but hopefully i will be back here for a good while (it might take a week or two to get my net set up) ... good to hear from ya!!!!

Michael said he put in to get a wire in his room but they didn't come yet. So I guess that's dialup then. We barely spoke 3 minutes this morning and we got cut off. Freaking Iraq.

well hopefully he will get "cable" internet ... its supposed to be high speed but good luck ... as for the phones it is really annoying ... i had called my parents 3 times in a row and all i could say was hello before i was cut off ... i just sent an email telling them i would try again the next day ... its just frustrating when you just want to talk for a minute and it doesnt work ... but anyway let me know if he needs a DSN number to call ... i have an autoswitch board # ... you still have to use a calling card but its all local minutes (instead of 5 units to 1 minute if calling from AT&T calling center) ... hope all is well ... i leave qatar today ... so its gonna be a couple days (hopefully) ... until i can get my internet up and running at my trailer ... till then ... take care ...

Thanks. Be careful.

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