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09 September 2006 

randoms ...

sometimes when the sun shines
its as dark as night
and sometimes when the clouds are dark
rays continue to shine my way


i'm licked up so tight
so tight it hurts
i'm looking for the key
or any reason in sight


a smile when i walk in the door
a sigh of relief when i hold her tight
a giggle from a corny joke
a look ... a look that says everything


in my dreams i see it all
the life i want
the world i need
when it all wears off
and the beep fills my head
i shed a tear
and await for the following night


a heart to give
a world to make
a place of happiness
is all i have of me ...

A poetry writing computer geek in Iraq! Now that's gonna be some kind of different!:) You're pretty good at it, too, imo. Hey....IF you can, IF you have time, drop me an email at dpraay@gmail.com.

And I'll understand if it conflicts with the First Nazi's orders...(: Take care, Bro. Take special care!

That was really good. Thanks for sharing it.

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