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16 August 2006 

finally its over ...

my armor class that is ... a 3 hour final exam ... it was a tough one but i pulled through and got my certificate ... lord help me if i failed and had to take that over again ...

thats all

ps - my bad for complaining in my last entry ... but i felt so much better ...

Congratulations on passing and don't worry about complaining. Sometimes you just have to get it out. I hope it made you feel even a teeny bit better getting all that off your chest. Things WILL get easier.

I only worry about the Soldiers that don't bitch, piss, and moan.:) I mean, good God, Man!! That is the number one commandment in any branch of service - "Thou Shalt Bitch!"

Y'all don't be srewin' up that army by not bitching!:)

I do recommend not writing The President about your commanding Officer. I did.....let's just say the results were very unpleasant.:) I didn't know there were so many decks (floors) on one damn ship that needed mopping so frequently!!

LOL FWY! Good advice as usual.

congrats! does this mean your surgery is soon?

well i thank you all for the advice ... as for cleaning decks ... we really dont have those but i am sure that the army could find somethings to keep me busy for awhile ... i am going to make an appointment with my doctor on tues so that he can give me a refferal slip to see a ENT doctor ... and monday (keep fingers crossed) i get to finally get my balistic plates for my body armor ... i have a feeling that this is my last chance to get them ... and trust me i dont think ill be getting shot at but i want them bad boys just in case ... well its friday and i really dont think that today is going to be a hard day ... so i am looking forward to 1600 so i can grab a cigar and get a tasty cold beverage after work ... take care all and have a great weekend!!!

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