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01 August 2006 

gearing up ...

well ... orders are here ... count down has begun ... as you know i am really looking forward to going, so it was nice to get the orders so we arent guessing when we were going to leave ...

so i have been packing and gathering up things i think i am going to need ... (ps walmart has coffee makers for 10$) ... so its been kinda crazy lately ... not that its busy just everyone is starting to get the nervous feelings ...

my R&R dates have been reassured so my european tour is one step closer ... also some good tips have been given to me ... ryanair.com ... SUPER CHEAP FLIGHTS ... germany to dublin ... 20 euro ... my passport is going to have tons of stamps!!!!

more to come later ... super tired ... turns out i still have the mono bug ...

Mono! And you've been functioning?

Well you definitely better take their advice and not over-do it. YOu don't want to be going overseas in bad shape. REST!

does this mean tonsils out? or just rest as much as possible? do you know how long you will be in europe? this is big.

Hello My Friend:
Sorry for the absence; I moved to another planet.:P

A number of thoughts, and of course, a pile of "old fart" advice.:) First, "If you have something precious, let it go. If it's yours, it will come back to you. If it doesn't, it never was."

Two, be a little careful about kicking fate in the balls. It only pisses it off, plus it never has to sleep - we do!:)

But the only important thing here, is that you know you will be in our thoughts and minds. You will NOT be forgotten. I promise you that.

And when you are finally able to drag your young ass back here, I expect a detailed report, got that Soldier?:)

Take care. Take special care.

When I had my tonsils yanked last year I wanted to preserve them in formaldehyde and then have them cast into a lucite puck, so I could play tonsil hockey... (groan!)

Seriously, it's a big deal, good luck, you have my empathies. Keep yourself hydrated (cold organic chicken broth ROCKS - I drank it straight from the carton) - remember to take your meds every four hours no matter what - and just keep telling yourself no matter how much it sucks, it's worth it in the end. It is, I promise!

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