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30 June 2006 

please have fun this weekend ...

i hope everyone gets a chance to relax this weekend ... take the time to rest up and spend time with family ... please keep the soldiers over seas in your minds and hopefully soon enough i will be able to relieve some soldiers so that they can come home and spend time with their families ... so be careful and have fun ...

ps - fuel prices are driving plane tickets sky high ... $406 to fly home ... geez

pss - im glad with one of our most important holidays as a county coming up that george w had the chance to take a tour of graceland ... time and money well spent ...

The soldiers are always in my thoughts and prayers. Prayers that they will all soon be home.

Plane tickets...you should see the price from Germany! But I am sure it will be worth it just to get home for awhile.

Your pss...LOL!
Enjoy the weekend.

have a great time! you going home is time and money well spent :) be well.

Thanks for visiting "Letters from Baghdad" and taking the time to comment. It is good to hear from a soldier. The letters were written by my son and he gave me permission to post them on my blog. I am a member of Military Families Speak Out. I am so glad that his letters were able to give you a "heads up" on what you face over there. They are a couple of years old, but still relevant to the present situation. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers until all the troops are brought home safe. I will check back often to see how you're doing. God bless you and keep you safe.

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