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19 June 2006 

oh so tired ...

well i forgot how much a girlfriend hurts the wallet ... This weekend was really nice, we scored some free tickets to a rangers baseball game from MWR ... now being a huge ... HUGE ... redskin fan, it pains me to say that i enjoyed my time in dallas ... we crashed with my girls friends house and was able to do some touristy things ... we did the whole kennedy assasination museum tour ... very cool!!!

other than that i was able to relax and enjoy some time with my girl ... im looking forward to going home for a couple weeks ... nothing but sleep, fish, crab, and riding the jet ski ... ohhhh i cant wait!!!!

YOU WROTE: well i forgot how much a girlfriend hurts the wallet

ROTFL!! Bro, take it from a married man - that is just the warm up lap!:) Y'all take care now. We got your back here at home.

hopefully, you will be able to rest soon and enjoy part of your summer! take care and keep us in the loop.

Well enjoy the river and the seafood. (The crabs have been expensive!) I had some great rockfish last night.

My son is getting the same as you about when he's going. You know me...I hope neither of you goes.

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