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27 May 2006 

Mid weekend report ...

First of all I am really glad to be back to "normal" scheduled life and thank you to everyone out there listening ...

Its only Saturday and I have had one of the best weekends ever ... so we had a half day on Thursday and our commander and det sgt bought us lunch and thanked us and really told us what they thought about our field exercise (it was all good) ... then my buddy and I ended up going out to relax and just bs ... well some of my other friends met up with us at the end of the night and they brought along an extra friend (female type :) ) ... needless to say it had been a while since I had a nice conversation and woke up next to a beautiful girl (nothing happened, really) we woke up, drank some coffee, watched some tv and she left ( I got an aar [after action review] which is going to lead to another night out Sunday ) ... but just that feeling of holding someone in your arms before you fall asleep is one of the best feelings in the world (especially if you have true feelings for them)

So Friday kicked off nice with that wake up ... called my buddy up to start wondering around town looking for something to do (btw his wife is out of town so he has a weekend pass) ... we ate lunch at a nice sandwich place and then went to see xmen (won the coin toss ... di vinci code Sunday night or Monday, I will post review as soon as I get home) ... xmen was a little disappointing but was filled with action ... then ... we went to the tattoo parlor ...

50 mins and two hundred dollars later I got my tattoo ... I am very happy with the turn out ... the next adventure ended our night ... we picked up some nice cigars and chilled at the gentlemans club for about two hours (my first time to one around here, suprisingly clean and nice)

today is going to involve laundry and end the night at someone's house that is getting the UFC fight ... other than that I am going to do my best to keep up the greatest weekend I have had in a very long time ...

glad that you are having a good weekend- it has rained and been humid here in new york. that's a pretty big tattoo- what exactly is it? i thought briefly about getting a tattoo but i didn't have any place to put it that i thought would look good when i got old- so i didn't. both of my sister-in-laws have beautiful ones on their backs too. too bad about xmen- my husband and i like action flicks. keep us posted on da vinci.

I'm really glad you are having such a nice weekend. Nice tattoo.

50 mins and two hundred dollars later I got my tattoo ... I am very happy with the turn out
If I may play the old fart here (I do it very well!), use cautionn with the tattoo's. That outrageous thing that looks so cool in the middle of your forehead at 25, looks like pure hell at 55.:) And "Suzy Forever!" up and down your arms really raises hell when you marry "Linda."
OTOH, I have the names of both my Ex's tattooed on the cheeks of my backside, and every time I, well, you know the rest!) I'm glad you finally got a well deserved rest! Y'all take care now!

So, I'm a new kid on the block here and I'm trying to get things straight. Are you in Iraq or scheduled to go there?

Yes I had a beautiful weekend. The weather was perfect here. Did you go to Towson? My daughter is at Mount St. Marys. Johnny is playing in lax tournaments all weekend in Towson this coming weekend. It is big in that area.

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