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09 May 2006 

I really think Bush had something to do with this one ...

So I think I need to stop reading the news ... today I read and find out that Cuba is going to allow oil drilling off their coast ... remember ... you can pretty much see Cuba from Florida ... soooo what does the US govt say when some US companies where given the oppertunity to bid? The big NO ... said that no US companies can bid on that project ... I mean dont you agree ... its kinda like why get milk delivered to your doorstep when you can pay more and walk down the street to get it ... so seeing all this happening what took place next you say? China ... China is going to buy up these contracts ... excuse me for a second ... "Hey Dick! Who teamed up with Russia after you pissed them off and said you are going to find ways to bypass them on the whole energy food chain?" ... "Ummm China I think ... cant quiet remember" ... "Thanks Dick!" ... ok sorry I'm back ... sometimes I just stand up in my office after reading the cnn.com and just applaud ... my commander looks at me funny when I do this but I think he is afraid to ask ...

my big idea keeps growing ... i keep organizing ... now i just need some advice now how to get it in the right hands ... anyone know how to get ahold of an agent?

I hope you are feeling better and sleeping. I am checking w/my sister to see if she has a contact for you. She kinda runs in those circles. I'll let you know.

I find the more I exercise in a day the better I sleep too.
It's interesting what you say about getting to the doctor. My son called so sick a couple times and I kept saying why don't you get over to the Dr. You are more forthcoming w/the info so it makes it a little clearer now.
You know it's funny I just read an article in the local paper that said the blue crabs are unusually abundant this time of year. Hope so. One of our good friends is a hard working waterman. He does a lot of lobstering. His wife once told me lobster for dinner at their house is like having hotdogs for the rest of us. Can you imagine? They have had us over for lobster feasts and oyster roasts. Yum. Yes I do live maybe 10 mins. outside of OC. I have been meaning to ask you, didn't you say your mother was in MD?
Oh and I hate biking. Just can't get into it. I do Tae-bo in the winter which really works up a good sweat and is easier onthe knees. I think though I am going to have to slow down to a walk soon like TUA said.

Keep China on your radar screen. They're going to get the "most improved nation" award for the coming decades. Their economy is getting Westernized, and their progress has been amazing.

BTW, what did you think of the NSA story that broke yesterday?

are you getting deployed soon? with mono? i won't ask the obvious question. are you going to be blogging from iraq- or is that not allowed? keep writing down your ideas- it only takes one good one to get yourself started but it takes a lifetime of good ideas to keep it going.

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