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03 May 2006 

I hit the submit button :O

... so I think that my idea is a good one. I actually wrote it down, started organizing my thoughts on it, and have actually done a little research on it. Now, usually I get a good idea and I immediately blow it off because I could never implement my ideas. Well I thought to myself "Self! This is a pretty good idea and I think you should at least do yourself some justice and attempt to submit it!" So I have done just that (really I emailed someone at the writers guild and asked them some simple questions. BUT ... its a start).

So I sit here after hitting the submit button on their "contact us with a question form" and I feel kinda scared. I mean what happens if they email me back ... or even if they email me back and they give me some encouragement and good advice that ... I could possibly pitch my idea? That would be just too crazy ... but who knows ...

ps - anyone know a good way to tell my mom that I will be taking mid tour leave to germany (and then possibly Italy from there :)) instead of MD? I dont think she is going to take it well anyway I put it but I am accepting ideas ... thanks in advance!

pss - I caught my roommate going through my drawers ... I think thats grounds for moving out ... either that or I will cash in on my promise to rip his head off if he even steps foot on my side of the room :) night

Good for you! How many times have I done nothing on a good idea. No matter what happens its progress.

You might be surprised that your mother will happy that you can travel. I know I wouldn't mind if my son took the opportunity to do something he wanted. After all, your pretty much stuck doing others bidding when your not on leave.

As for your roomate. Not acceptable! What a freak. Get out of there.

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