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01 May 2006 

santana and steven tyler ...

I know, I know, I know
Part of me says let it go
Everything must have it seasons
Round and round it goes
And every day's the one before
But this time, this time

I'm gonna try anything to just feel better
Tell me what to do
You know I can't see through the haze around me
And I do anything to just feel better

And I can't find my way
God I need a change
And I do anything to just feel better
Any little thing that just feel better

I have one more idea on the sleeping. I understand you don't want to be dependent on anything. I only take it when I have a long stretch of insomnia. I once was prescribed the codine too and I hated it. But try just concentrating on your breath and everytime your mind wanders make it go back to your breathing.

Any way I am glad your idea was a good one. Wouldn't want to lose sleep over a bad one.
Hang in there.

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