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29 April 2006 

some thoughts ...

Joke of the day ... Putting President Bush in charge of Gas prices is like Putting Dick Chaney in charge of Gun Safety!

Btw ... I know that I am to "respect" the commander in cheif ... but seriously ... he goes out and puts this illegal immigration bill out there to make like 20 million people instantly legal immigrants. Most of them hispanic. But then he comes out and says that americans are to speak english and the national anthem is to be sung in english only. I mean make up your mind. u make 20 MILLION hispanic immigrants legal ... THEY ARE GOING TO SPEAK SPANISH and there isnt much we can do about it (not that it really bothers me if they sing the anthem in spanish, he atleast they know it!).

Ding Ding this just in ... Mr let me help with the gas prices just REJECTED a tax on the oil companies and said that "he expects those companies to re-invest those profits into alternative fuels and new energy technologies" - note: oil companies' record profits fueled by high oil prices (i'm at a loss here)

I just dont understand ... a foreign company was rejected from buying our ports (which i agree with, specially cause they would have had the bmore ports), so president Bush lets them buy a defense contracted company that supplies the pentagon and military ... ;akdjaalsdkf .... i cant even begin to comment on this ...

sorry for the ranting and raving about the gov't but it just had to be done ...

on another note I found out that I have a really good chance of staying with B company for the deployment and they are not going to be running FST missions (missions that would require me leaving the base). That makes me feel alittle safer. we are also getting a new det sgt ... thank god!

well thats all for now ... im alittle hurt to find out that my favorite baseball team got voted as one of the worst franchises in america ... damn you petey!

addition ... there are alot of differences between the iraq war and the vientnam war, I think the most important is that the people of the U.S. are behind the troops on this one ... and I thank god everyday that they have our back!

Great post! Right on.

BTW I think your right about them having fun over in Germany. I rarely hear from my son and when I did he sent me some pics that let me know they were having fun. I posted one of them in my post called "I Gotta Kiln" http://getit4yourself.blogspot.com/2006_03_01_getit4yourself_archive.html
So thank you for that comment. It really does make me feel better.
I try to keep up with pop culture so I will stay young. I have to say most of my friends don't know much about computers. But if my kids are on it I want to know.
I caught your blog the first day you posted. Just wait. People will start catching on and leaving comments which makes it more interesting.
Keep blogging. I will be listening. I really do appreciate what you are doing and going through.

Hey there...just now found your blog. I'm going to poke around a bit, as I'm sure you can imagine, I'm more than interested in your political postings.

Thanks for your service man. I'm going to do some reading on your site shortly.

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