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14 May 2006 

here fishy fishy ...

well bush is allocating guard troops to the border ... we are going to send help to new england with this flooding (hopefully in time to help) ... i just hope we dont spread ourselves thin here at home ...

... on another note ... i'm lonely ... when i get back from iraq i am going to be on a mission to find myself a girl!!! (or maybe my idea will kick in and i will find myself a movie star girlfriend ... mandy moore watch out)

... on another note ... i'm lonely ...

Tis the lot of a military man, my friend.:) We ported in Hong Kong once, and the first thing I did was call home. Dad answered, and I said; "Dad, I'm lonely." He said: "Son, you've got a hell of a problem there!" It made me laugh enough to get me by it.

Hang on til you can hang 'em up, Bro!!

Hey : )~~

If you ever come through Florida I am between boyfriends and I love guys in uniform *wink*

I really enjoy reading your blog it brings back a lot of memories.

I lived on Bragg for years while my dad was stationed there.

~Best of luck in Iraq~


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