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28 July 2006 

good, bad, indifferent?

The perfect world ...

In the perfect world
the stars would always align
the weathers always perfect
and life never leaves you behind

the moon is always full
the tide is always right
it always works out
even without a fight

distance isnt a problem
true love isnt hard to find
when she looks in my eyes
i know shes all mine

but the sun comes up
the moon goes down
time flies by
and i find myself down

this world we live
comes to fast
I'll keep on going
as fate kicks my ass ...

blah ... bored ... lonely ... empty ... damn fridays with nothing to do and no one around ... thank god tomorrows saturday ...

That's really beautiful.

wow! unexplored depths. that was incredible.

Thanks guys ... it just sucks knowing i could have found a person for the long haul ... and they are 100's of miles away now and are soon going to be half way around the world ... its like having strong feelings for someone hurts 10 times worse long distance ...

we'll see ... back to packing and organizing ... we are about 60 days out from leaving ...

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