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30 August 2006 

love it ... just love it

sooo i was picked for duty ... cq duty that is ... it pretty much just entales me staying up all night after a day of work to man the phone and do some random odd jobs ... well i found out it sucks ... and after being up from 6 am to 9 am you get pretty tired (i did get today off though) ... but what i really love is getting a cold and then coming up to my room to find out my laptop monitor isnt working ... argggggggggg ... now i must eat dinner ... i havent eatten all day ... then more sleep ...

well i hope that you are feeling a bit better. i don't know that your immune system sounds all that healthy- but if the doctors clear you- then what can i say? at least you will be working with computers and not having to do alot of strenuous stuff until you get over whatever it is that you have. if you can get your tonsils out- you should do it. otherwise you will keep getting sick. sounds like a good opportunity for you- even if you are a geek :)

Sometimes it just goes that way. Hang in there.

Well we will see what the doctors have to say when I get to see them ... good news is that we have alot of stuff going on so I should be able to stay busy until then ...

"Well....back in my day, Sonny....."
Hiya Bud!:) The ole fart again.:) Sorry to hear you're under the weather! But I found (plug your ears please, Betmo and Mary) half a fifth then getting laid fixed damn near anything!:P

Note the "almost." I have no cure for that shithead you have to call a "Commander In Chief."

Keep chuggin' er I mean pluggin' and stay safe. We need you back here a hell of a lot more than that dizzy jackass needs you over there...(:

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