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18 October 2006 

hey quick check in

hope everyone out there is doing good ... im in kuwait now and we have a couple more days until we head up to iraq ... its pretty hot down here!!! but nothing to really report just kinda doing this and doing that ... staying hydrated ... right now the coolest thing i have seen so far is a heard of about 100 camels ... other then that we are just hanging tight and playing jokes on each other ... oh and spades ... we play alot of spades in our off time ... but anyway i just wanted to say hi and i will report once i get up north ... take care and again i hope all is well with everyone ...

Thanks for the report! I hear the night life isn't so wild over there, either!:) Goodluck!!

Michael just left Kuwait for Baghdad today. Keep in touch. Stay safe.

keep cool and keep safe--and stay away from the iraqi girls!!!

hey- hope everything is ok- happy thanksgiving from here in the states. take care of yourself and know that america is thankful for you and yours.

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