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24 September 2006 

Setting in for the grind ...

Well it was nice to see the family one last time ... Not much to do around here so it was kinda boring ... Just more of a lets just hang out weekend ... So I got one more week to recover ... I should be busy ... gotta get the passport started, take a placement test, movers are coming, pack, clean, and get the head right ... recovery is going very well and food is starting to go down a little easier ;) ... anyway just thought id say hi ...

Great to see you again, and the good recovery news even greater!!

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Glad you are feeling better. I haven't heard from Michael in a couple days (I'm spoiled now) but I will let you know what he's up to. 27 hours! That is a long flight. And Michael did say his was drag so I guess you have that to look forward to. Please be carefull and keep us posted. I will be here thinking about both of you.

take care of yourself. now is crunch time and it has to be your top priority. good luck

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