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18 September 2006 

sorry for the absence ...

well my tonsillectomy went ok ... i guess ... its been a couple days and it still hurts to talk ... i did however get two weeks of leave :) so i am not complaining too much ... the pain isnt all that bad ... just very uncomfortable ... lots of icy pops!!! anywho ... i need to get back to bed ... i didnt sleep well last night ...

Poor baby. At least it's done with. Get lots of rest. Hope you feel better soon.

lots of rest! let yourself heal. enjoy the r and r- and if you can't talk- at least you can type :)

The pricks didn't give you a couple gallons of ice cream? I'm gonna write that damn Bush about this!! He's not getting away with it!! EVERYBODY who's ever had their tonsils out, knows that is standard issue soon as you wake up.

Glad to see ya pulled through, too!:)

thank you all for the get wells ... im feeling better and able to speak (alittle) ... so hopefully by the weekend i can graduate to semi hard food ... we'll see ... its gonna be a close call though ... i have my post op appt DAYS before we are supposed to leave ... so i will be doing whatever i can to make sure i get a clean bill of health ...

I missed the part where you are leaving. I am glad you are feeling better though. So when do you leave?

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