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17 January 2007 

i'm back ....

well well ... sorry for the delay but i finally have paid the $65 a month and had hadji run me some internet ... so here i am back in the blogging world ... i would like to first thank everyone out there, you just dont now how far an email or listening to be blab about stupid stuff goes ... thank you again!!!

But as for me its just another day ... they have me once again running around doing something else everyday ... it is however making the days go by ... well its late and if i start typing i will start running my mouth about bush and his idiots and then next thing you know it would be morning ...

but anyway i will be roaming around the blogs to see whats new ... hopefully pictures and things to come ...

again THANK YOU!!!

Glad you're back. 65 a month. Jeesh that is steep. Is it good at least? Meaning fast.

I'll be in touch tomorrow. I am pretty tired right now but saw you posted and had to take a peek.
Take good care.

You have to PAY for your freakin' internet connection over there??? God Almighty!! It's a F'ing wonder you're not charged for bullets......(: That'll keep me gumming my gums for a while. Oh well. At least you're alive and well.

Hang tough, Dude. Don't let the bastards win! And I mean Bush/Cheney, not the ragheads.

hey- glad to hear you are back!!!!

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