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01 February 2007 

an idea that might help ...

I came to realize (awhile ago but I am finally caving in) that I tend to think on the negative side of things since arriving in Iraq. I think i am entitled to it, but none the less its not really helping my situation. So to spare your eyes on reading more ramblings of how I think things are "jacked up" around here (don't worry, this isn't a promise to totally stop) I have come to an idea that might help me in a couple ways, as well as provide an enjoyable read and maybe some good ideas. As per prior posts I have mentioned that I don't sleep well. Mostly in part that my brain doesn't stop thinking and creating ideas. Recently keeping me awake are dreams that almost everyone has had. Hitting the big one!!! Yes folks that's right, winning the lotto. I am hoping that by posting my ideas and thoughts will help me sleep easier but yet also take me away from my current residence.

Hopefully everyone will get a kick out of my adventures as an instant millionaire and maybe chime in once in awhile with some good ideas as well. So I figure in the next week I should have settled with the state lotto, cleared taxes, and paid off my lawyer and I can begin my adventure. Ahhhhh I have a feeling that I might sleep a little easier tonight ;)

stay tuned

Smart thinking.

hey- whatever it takes- beats counting sheep :)

That's been my foolproof sleeping pill for years!:) Except I keep forgetting to buy the tickets!:)

And you're certainly entitled to your negativity - somebody has to balance out your Commander In Thief!!

Hey Randy, whats up, its Scottay your old roomy. Hey man, just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and all you are doing for us over there in Iraq. Your really the only person I know fighting in this war and with it all over the news I can't help but think about you buddy. We were great friends and had a lot of great times together and I'll never forget that. Hang in there brother. I've been reading the blog but this is my first post, I'll try to stay in touch.Be Safe.

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