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27 February 2007 

day one ...

*thump* *tud* I started to stir from my sleep, but I have grown accustomed to these sounds in the night. It’s funny what you can become used to when forced to deal with something. Being in Iraq has forced me to become accustomed to a lot of things. Then I heard the sound of some dog tags clinging together, the sounds must have woken my roommate as well. Then it dawned on me, "I’m not supposed to be here anymore". A cold sweat started to form on my skin, had it all been a dream I asked myself. Another *tud*. I stumbled out of bed and found the closet wall and looked for the light switch in a panic. It can’t be I said to myself, I'm not supposed to be here anymore. Then it clicked, the lights popped on, and what I thought were dog tags of my roommate where in fact dog tags, but to my Shi Tzu bosco. I sat on the edge of my bed and chuckled to myself. bosco still happy to see me, came and gave me a good morning lick to the face. Then I smelled it. Grandma was in the kitchen making coffee and that’s when I knew I was home.

As I walked up the stairs from my basement room I shielded my eyes from the morning light. Bosco ran past me in hopes of getting a treat from grandma while she was in the kitchen. It was a little after 8 am. Hey that’s sleeping in as far as I’m concerned. I was greeted with a kiss and hug from grandma, as well as a fresh cup of dunkin doughnuts coffee. I addicted to coffee, I just don’t feel right without it. I sat and chatted with my grandmother for a little while, most of the conversation was about how glad she was that I was home and safe, as well as what I was going to do next. You see no one really knows how I got out of going back to the sandbox from R&R, except her. She helped me so that no one else would know; she helped me so that I could get this done in peace and quiet. Not even my mom and dad know that I don’t have to go back, for all they know I leave this afternoon and head back over.

But today I am going to give them the good news. I don’t have to go back and in fact today is the first day. The first day to the rest of my life. The first day as a millionaire. The first thing I did when I got home for R&R was buy some lotto tickets. The jackpot was up around 450 million since out of the 8 states participating, no one had hit the jackpot in about 9 months. I figured since the army had a clause about lotto winning and big inheritances, I could get out on an honorable discharge and be set for life it I won. Turns out that during the commercial of American idol channel 5 news happen to run the winning numbers of the lotto, low and behold, I won. Grandma helped me get in touch with a lawyer, accountant, and helped me straighten all this out while leaving my parents out of the loop. I wanted it to be a surprise. We worked out a deal for the cash in hand lump sum with very little publicity. I’m just glad my dad skipped page 8 of the post that had my name as the winner. Anyway, last night before I went to bed and checked my account, there it was. My world savings account was 150 million dollars large. Turns out I was going to have a good nights sleep.

Well I sat there chatting with grandma and then it really hit me. I took a sip from my coffee and I looked at her and I said, "Grandma, from here on out I can do anything. Things that "only the rich and famous can do". That’s me now. That’s us." "Just take a lot of pictures for me, randy. Have fun and take pictures. That’s all I want" she said to me. Little did she know I had a shinny new car already picked out for her. I don’t think she'll mind. Just then as I was flipping through the life section of the post when I came across an add for Las Vegas "come stay for the week and you'll never want to leave". I just smiled.

The rest of the house started to awaken. My little sister had already made her way down to the couch in the living room and had the Saturday morning cartoons on. My mom had just walked in the kitchen and sat down next to me. She was happy that I was home but you could see it in her eyes she didn’t want me to go back. "Don’t worry mom. I have a feeling things are going to be ok." she replied "I hope so. Just promise me you'll be ok". With a smirk on my face "promise" came out with ease. I need to get moving though. I knew that the longer I sat there the more of a chance there was of my spilling the beans. So I got up and grabbed the keys to the truck. "Where you heading this early, you know you leave today" my mom shouted. "I gotta go see Scott before I leave. I have some things to take care of" I shouted back. From the sound of it my dad just turned off the water to the shower. I knew that I had to get going, or else I was going to be able to use the truck.

On my drive over to Scott’s the world seemed to be lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t have a care in the world. It could have taken me 6 hours to travel those 15 miles and I would have minded one bit. I pulled up to his driveway, well his parents’ driveway. Scott is not only one of my best friends but he is also my business partner. He moved in with his parents much like I had, to save money while starting SMF. That’s what lead my to join the army, I was broke and had no self confidence. Turns out I got some change in my pocket and I plenty of self confidence now. But he was understanding and always said that there was a spot for me when I get back. Well I’m back, and I got some capital to put in the business.

Awesome writing!

Dude, you are NOT going to believe the number of horny chicks you will meet in the next few weeks!:)

Pretty Cool. Keep it going!!

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