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27 May 2007 

home sweet home

I just wanted to let everyone know that i am currently home for a couple weeks ... its a nice needed break ... although too short ... not that i take much for granted but i have found that i really miss all those little things ... driving a car without having to wear body armor ... being able to walk into walmart and get whatever i want ... being able to see my friends and family ... being home everyone always asks "hows everything over there" "what do you think of the whole thing" ... the general questions that everyone asks ... but the conversation always ends something along the lines of them saying "well i thank you for what you do ... we truly thank you" ... and i usually end it with "thank you ... we couldnt do it without you guys ... you keep us going" ... for the first time i am truly going to realize what memorial day really means! so everyone enjoy themselves alittle extra for the troops that wont be able to ... i however have to drink roughly a 30 pack for all the "drink ones for me" ... but i figure its the least i can do for my fellow comrades ... happy memorial day

Welcome home, my friend, and thank you for letting us know you made it ok!! When it's time to go back - go by way of Canada.:)

I'm with TUA on the Canada route. I know you will be enjoying your time home. So good to hear from you. Have fun!

i hope that you are enjoying your r & r- and i am joining the ranks of the 'thank you' crowd. i wish that you didn't have to be in a war at all- but i appreciate what you do- and wish you well. stay safe! hang in there! we here at home- are trying to bring you home for good. in the meantime, thank you. :)

Hey glad to see you back. Take it all in. I want you enjoy yourself. I wish you didn't have to go back. Stay good man.

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