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07 May 2007 

couple weeks later ...

couple weeks later ...

i thought i would never say this, but i am really glad to just be here watching the sun try and melt the sand. Its been a rough couple of weeks. Having to be in a lot of places at one time, enough paper work to last a lifetime, and of course having to please everyone. But i have finally been able to just find this spot and relax. And let me tell you if anyone bothers me while i am getting my swedish massage in my 1.3 million dollar bungalow i am going to get really pissed. Dont worry the bungalow came with a suite at the hard rock hotel and casino in las vegas.

Its been about 3 weeks since i hit the lotto and i havent been able to really enjoy myself since. Having to get my lawyer and accountant situated, getting my investments set, making sure everyone is taken care of is alot harder then it seems. but finally my friends and i came to the conclusion that the hard rock hotel was going to be our vegas home. the sand bottom pool surrounded by beautiful women made the choice very very easy. not to mention the hositality the hotel has shown since arriving. we got the royal treatment since entering this place, we have been soaking up every second.

i was able to use the "business center" of the hotel for my meeting with one of my best friends. he has his masters in architecture. he has so kindly designed my new house. i have always wanted a castle. now i am going to get what i have always dreamed. i was able to purchase 80 achers of river front land in my home town. i simple donation of 160 achers was needed to arrange that. i was glad to not only get the property but help protect my town from too populated too fast. my castle isnt going to be a real castle, but it will look like one on the outside. it will have gargoyles on the roof, a "mans lounge" with walk in humidor, bar, pool table, card table, and a projector set up on a 60 inch screen, and the house will also contain a pool with a gratto (playboy mansion style). along with those goodies next to the pool will be a barbaque pit, volleyball court, and a basketball court that will be easily converted into a roller hockey rink. those are the more important neccessities that were included but the house will be nice with plenty of goodies to come. i had to make sure though that the study/library contained a bookself that opened up to a secret room containing my vault and walker was more then welcome to include that in the blue print.

for doing such a fantastic job on the prints walker was more then welcome to join us in vegas and enjoy himself a massage as well. we are relaxing this afternoon because tonight was going go get crazy. the concerierge at the hard rock was more then welcome to arrange a VIP club tour of vegas. everything was set up from our stretch limo to our designated tables at club playboy and the ghostbar at the palms, club RA at the mirage, and club tyrst at the wynn. the only thing was that we were going to have to end our tour at spot in the hard rock, but that was an easier decision seeings how they are going to pretty much rope off half the VIP section for us. the only real thing that was missing was the fact that we had to find some ladies. but spotting scott over at floating bar surrounded by ladies pretty much took care of that. i looked over at walker with his shit eatting grin and said "tonight is going to be nuts". "i know" he replied, followed by a quick clank of bud light bottles and a puff on the montecristos. tonight was going to be nuts.

That's what I'm talking about!

Y'all mind if'n I have a puff of that stuff? Sounds like y'all got some damn good happy weed!:)

could use a massage myself! little champagne and relaxin' by the pool- i'm all in!

You desrve to relax

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