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09 June 2007 

back already

well i have found myself back across the pond already ... my time home was short ... but it was sweet ... i thoroughly enjoyed myself ... it is hard coming back though ... you get back into the rhythm of not being here ... it was nice ... now i get to look forward to seeing if we are going to get extended for sure and to see if i hit the jackpot and catch a duty station close to home ... i just wanted to say thank you ... i have been lucky as to having a great family and friends base and i consider all of you my friends ... i thank you for your support and words of wisdom ... it really helps ... well thank you again ... i will check in later after i get back into the soldier frame of mind ... once again ... thank you!!!!

Coming back from leave was always one of the most depressing parts of being active duty. I'm sorry you had to come back period; you shouldn't even be there. Hunker down, keep the body armor close...and send the First Asshole a bag of pretzels every day!!

Leave is too short! Wish you didn't have to back. Just know we are all thinking of you. Stay safe.

you are in our thoughts- keep safe! we are still working on getting all of you home!

I am glad that you enjoyed your time at home. Good luck over there friend.

Hi - came by from Mary's. Enjoy your leave, no matter how short it is. Happy holidays!

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