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16 February 2008 

... back in business ... kinda

well i finally got internet in my 6 by 10 foot living space ... i just love these barracks ... anyway i have alot of catching up to do and seeings how i have 4 straight days off i shall be doing all the catching up i can ... be back soon ...

one disturbing thing though ...

while in the dfac eating a meal (i dont call it food but apparently the army does ... btw i HAVE to spend $250 a month to eat the dfac ... ) they had the news on ... some marine civilian person came out and said that they are finally buying in to the MRAP's for iraq (IED proof trucks for soldiers) ... they said that they hadnt adopted the MRAP's earlier cause they cost too much ... COST TOO MUCH!!!!!! the leading cause of deaths / injuries are IED's ... and you say that it was too expensive to buy IED proof trucks ... so basically you are saying it cost to much to try and keep the soldiers safer in iraq ...

i almost threw up right there on the spot ...

did anyone else have that reaction? not that you all can do anything about this idiocy anyway. stay safe- keep us looped when you can.

Good to see you again! How many days until you're home?
they said that they hadnt adopted the MRAP's earlier cause they cost too much
That's why you're paying $250 a month to eat garbage! Gotta have that money in stacks to haul around Iraq in case a bribe is needed. "We" can always find some dumb grunt who's only way out of the ghetto was the military!..(: Americans are expendable - those bombs cost MONEY!

I don't get how you can fight for these people. And when I consider the saying, "Do to others what you want them to do to you," or as Rabbi Hillel put it, "what you hate do not do to others" - how would you like, say, the Chinese army in your country, in your neighborhood, doing just as the invaders of Iraq have been doing there for all these years?

It's not like the Iraqi people ever even did Americans any harm! Would we want invaders of our country to be anything but soundly defeated if they came here, especially if we hadn't done them any harm?

That was really horrible to say, but said to say no matter how noble they try to sound in Government it all is justa dollar sign to them, Just do the best to keep yourself safe

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